About Me

                             Like most people, it's a complicated thing to describe me.  But I'll do the best I can to describe myself with words. I'd say that I am an eclectic amalgamation of many seemingly paradoxical things. This can be exemplified in both my seemingly endless persistance  I also have times of obsessive compulsions regarding certain things Many could qualify my way of talking and thinking about things as prosaic, pithy, or terse. This is both a combination of my feelings that if you're going to say something, say it plainly, simply, and honestly and to not just overflower everything without really saying anything. It can of course come off sometimes as being angered, mean-spirited, callous, or me just being a malcontent or even a misanthrope. I do try to limit those reactions as much as possible. I just follow the feeling that if I am asked my opinion on something, people will be able to handle hearing it since they are asking me after all. Just that some people, while I'm sure they live lovely lives and probably have great characteristics, I just cannot tolerate. 
                        I know that I am quite a smart person on most things, and also am exceedingly imaginative. I do feel that I am funny, though surely not everyone is funny all the time. My humor would probably best be labeled very wry and sarcastic, though it is quite fun to just plain laugh at the silliness of things lots of times. I am a radical atheist. I don't say that to mean that I am trying to subjugate all religions of the world I simply say this underscore that when I say I am an atheist, I mean just that: I am an atheist. I'm not an agnostic. I'm not a disgruntled Christian. I'm an atheist. Or I guess a bright. Because of my rejection of religion, I tend to treat many things with what people might call an irreverent perspective. This just by extension can very easily carry over into other areas of life -- notably politics -- making me into quite the active cynic. And while I am new to politics, and growing more engaged into it as time goes on, I already know that I am almost surely a liberal (as in progressive -- as in Democrat). And I feel that I am largely incorrigible in my ways.
                                         Well, as to that, I can really only say that it seems to be far more the presumption that if you atheist you don't believe in anything and you're a really sour person. That seems to be far more like Nihilism. I mean really the large part of what I believe is no different than millions of other people -- just without god. "I just follow the feeling that if I am asked my opinion on something, people will be able to handle hearing it since they are asking me after all."But mostly it just comes down to the point that just because I'm an atheist doesn't mean I reject everything and believe in nothing. I just don't believe in any supernatural personal gods (or however else people want to term their religion).
                              Someone who tries hard to approach issues with an open mind and to rely on empirical evidence and logical analysis (not rigid ideology) to guide their thinking. I'm certainly elitist. What's wrong with being elitist, if you are trying to encourage people to join the elite rather than being exclusive?