My vision & Lost Cities

                   Well it is just a attempt to know about the places. we know them by just their names and formely call them as  suburb of  Mumbai (Bombay) actuallyforgotten their glory. trust me they are beautiful and nature as blessed them ...........

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            It is the site of the ancient port of Shurparaka or Sopara, now silted up. Sopara is one of the oldest port towns in India dating back to more than 1000 years. It is believed to be Solomon's Ophir by some scholars, and also said to be Shurparaka, the place where the Pandavas   rested during their exile  mentioned in the epic Mahabharata.

On your way to Vasai

                                      Vasai is a cool, Peaceful place situated on the outskirts of Mumbai. In spite of  being close to the city culture of Mumbai,vasai has it's own cultural significance.You will still find lot of greenary ,small time farmers and wadis and padas out here.  It has ample number of  beaches. Hey, not just beaches,real beautiful beaches.The Vasai fort build by portuguese and then aquired by  Chimaji Appa has left only it's ruins But still the place is worth visiting because of it's landscapes,portuguese church, chakri jeena and offcourse the Historical significance the place has. 
      Vasai has rich cultural heritage.People in vasai are peaceful and fun-loving. They have special fascination for the greenery in vasai, and make an effort to maintain the same.Vasai has a truly multi ethnic and multi cultural society. You will find people of all casts, religions in vasai. They have mixed up so well that, they enjoy each others festivals. Let it be Christmas or Diwali, you will find the festive atmosphere all over.


                       An outpost of Mumbai, Virar was named after Indian philosopher Jeevan Virar and was connected with the mainland with electric train way back in 1925.