There is untouched truth behind the lost cities ....as we all are aware that all over india when British forces emerging  all over india . these cities were under portuguse powers well protected its culture and diginity and other than marathas forces no on could dare the to encountered them...not even the bristishers who wants to claim there victory all over India  ... only reason  of mutual relationship .......... explorerd below


        Princess Catherine of Portgual and Prince charles II of England

 King Charles II

            King Charles II
Born: 29-May-1630 
Birthplace: St. James's Palace, London, England
Religion: Roman Catholic
Occupation: Royalty
Nationality: England
Died: 6-Feb-1685
Location of death: Whitehall Palace, London, England
Cause of death: Stroke
Remains: Buried, Westminster Abbey, London, England
Executive summary: King of England 1660-85

Wife: Catherine of Braganza

Mistress: Lucy Walter (Had one son - Sir James Scott, 1st Duke of Monmouth)  
Mistress: Barbara Villiers, Countess of Castlemaine (6 children)
Mistress: Nell Gwynne
Mistress: Louise Renée de Penancoët de Kérouaille, Duchess of Portsmouth.
Mistress: Elizabeth Killigrew, Viscountess Shannon
Mistress: Catherine Pegge, Lady Greene
Mistress: Mary Davis
Mistress: Hortense Mancini, Duchess of Mazarin
Mistress: Winifred Wells
Mistress: Jane Roberts
Mistress: Mary Sackville
Mistress: Elizabeth Fitzgerald

Catherine  Braganza

Catherine of Braganza

Born: 25-Nov-1638
Birthplace: Vila Viçosa, Portugal
Religion: Roman Catholic
Occupation: Royalty
Nationality: Portugal
Died: 31-Dec-1705
Location of death: Lisbon, Portugal
Cause of death: unspecified
Executive summary: Consort of English King Charles II

                    Queen consort of Charles II of England, daughter of João IV of Portugal, and of Louisa de Gusman, daughter  of the duke of Medina Sidonia, was born on the 15/25 of November 1638 at Vila Viçosa.  and on the 23rd of June, in spite of Spanish  opposition, the marriage contract was signed,   She was married to Charles in 1662. As part of her dowry England secured Bombay (now Mumbai) and Tangier. with trading privileges in Brazil and the East Indies, and  while Portugal obtained military and naval  support against Spain and liberty of worship for Catherine. . She died on the 31st of December 1705, bequeathing her great wealth, the result of long  hoarding, after  the payment of divers charitable legacies, to King Pedro; and was buried with great ceremony  and splendour at Belem. Lisbon, Portugal